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In each season of White Lotus they killed off my favorite character. I loved Tanya! I thought the young rich woman (married to Cameron) bumping into Tanya after she drowned was like a foreshadowing of her own future: old, bloated, grotesque, discarded.

The old man boasting about his sexual prowess was similar to his farting: It made him gross and he couldn't control it.

The scene of the three DiGrasso men turning to look at the pretty girl was normal for Albie - he's young & has a high sex drive - but his father & grandfather were both pathetic. It makes young women feel queasy when old guys leer at them, but it's fun when young men do it. That's why Albie's father has to pay for young women to have sex with him, but Albie wouldn't necessarily have to pay.

The lounge lizard/singer could not perform with Mia & almost died trying - this demonstrates how grotesque older men appear when they try to have sex with young women. No one could have interpreted that scene as even remotely erotic.

Young women are not sexually attracted to older men, they are financially attracted to older men.

The grandfather was in denial about the harm he caused his wife, while Dominic acknowledged the harm he caused but it didn't stop him from being betraying his family.

One was no better than the other.

Albie may decide it's less painful to live the way his father does than to risk being betrayed by women. That was left unclear. But all three men caused themselves pain by their behavior with women.

Only the women in the show seemed to benefit from the sex they had, sometimes materially, sometimes physically, sometimes both.

Mike White seemed to be implying that sex was less fraught with peril for women than for men, which is a bit of a new twist.

Anyway, I was sad when Tanya died & I was sad when the gay man from the first series died.

I hope evil criminal mastermind Greg makes an appearance in Season 3. I hate him, so he won't get killed. My new favorite character probably will.

Interesting review!

Thank You.

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